Our evolution over half a century

Marshall Produce Brokers Company Private Limited was founded by Samuel Marshall in 1959 to handle International Agri commodities. This has resulted in Mr Marshall gaining the distinction of being the doyen of the Indian soft commodity International Trade and Number One brokers in India.

Marshall Produce branch at New Delhi, recognized as one of the top three tanker brokers, are actively involved in fixing tankers for Indian Government Charterers since 1976 and with its recognized team, respected worldwide, the fixtures are now exceeding 5 million tons every year both with Indian Government Oil Companies and the private sector.

Countercorp International, Singapore owed its existence to a company called Marpro London, which was established in 1965 as an extension of Marshall Produce India. Marpro subsequently became the world’s No.1 brokers in edible oils with overseas offices which were the pioneers of agricultural resourcing in countries and offices in Brazil, Argentina, United States, Germany, Switzerland, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan and Sri Lanka. We were handling over 2 million tons a year during which time Marpro Oils and Grains Sdn Bhd a fully owned company of Samuel Marshall was incorporated in Malaysia in 1974 to undertake large scale broking operations in Malaysia in Palm oil and products which continues till date to be rated among the top 3 / 4 brokers in Malaysia.

Marpro maintained its headquarters in London from 1965 until 1986 and the Group started to switch priorities from West to East when the company was invited by the Singapore Government to promote Singapore as a hub for Barter and Countertrade activities. Samuel Marshall then moved to Singapore and founded Marpro Singapore which later was re-named as Countercorp in 1986. Countercorp stood amongst the first few to be granted Pioneer Status by the Government of Singapore as part of its drive to enhance Countertrade services in the Asia Region and became the flag ship of the Group (in which with the blessings of Marshall’s, Agrocorp International Pte Ltd, Singapore was sown, formed, nurtured and established) to become a major force today.

As a result, Marpro London was disbanded and pieced out amongst the Senior Managers operating the South American and Japanese offices who have done very well coming from the Marpro school. Meanwhile emphasis was shifted fully to Asia, including India where Marshall Produce continued to maintain their offices in Mumbai, New Delhi since inception in 1959. Marshall’s offices continue operations to this day with associates all over South East Asia in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka and China.

Since its establishment in 1986, Countercorp Singapore continued to prosper currently having its office at 51, Anson Road, # 05-55 Anson Centre, Singapore 079904, though Samuel Marshall decided to move his centre of operations back to Mumbai in December 2003 to contribute to a constantly improving Indian infrastructure as India is now the second fastest growing economy in the world. Countercorp Singapore continues its role as an International Commodity Group, as well as a Shipping and Finance facilitator.

Agrocorp Singapore which was created in Countercorp Singapore and is a separate entity all together have done us proud with their expansion around the world with offices in India, Canada, Australia, Bangladesh and Latin America and has a strong base in Myanmar are among the top 3-4 grain and pulses trading groups in Singapore. The Heads of Agrocorp Mr. Vijay Iyenger, Mr. Ravi Raghavan are the alumni of Marshalls Mumbai, Marpro London and Countercorp Singapore.


With India “shining” Sam Marshall returned to INDIA in 2003 at the helm of Marshall Produce Brokers which evolved into Marshall Integrated Services.



We are focused not only in Agri Commodities but as well as in Security issues having

  • trained Force One commandos in Pune,
  • provided security concepts for Amitabh Bachchan,
  • secured Wipro Campus, Bangalore
  • projects for the Agri Sector Greeenhouse here in India and abroad
  • Road surfacing / Pothole repairing representing a top Israeli group and other successful technologies from Israel which is the home of R&D.