Lior Suchard – Master Mentalist

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Having embarked on the entertainment sector bearing in mind that India spends hardly 1.8% of the GDP on tourism and therefore the potential for growth is enormous we have now taken upon the representation of Lior Suchard. The Company is otherwise known as Supernatural Entertainment Inc.


Lior’s performance guarantees to entertain any audience whether an intimate exclusive gathering or a large scale event. He has performed with Jay Leno, Larry King Live, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo Dicaprio and most of Hollywood + BOLLYWOOD + Corporates such as

Samsung | Microsoft | Hewlett Packard | Porsche | Venetian Hotel Las Vegas | Venetian Hotel – Macau | Cellcom | Orange | LEAF – Digital Camera System | Reliance | Birla || TATA | BMW | The Hindu | Times Now | STANDARD CHARTERED BANK | EDELWEISS | MERCEDEZ BENZ | KINGDOM OF DREAMS

with creative concepts tailored to the brand being projected.