Homeland Security & Defence

With the advent of “SECURITY” issues and the constant threat which India faces from the militants as well as after the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai having experienced personally the attack on “Taj Hotel” where he was staying during that time. Marshall has used his connections in Israel and in India to focus decisively in the Home Land Security Sector. He represents Israeli Specialist Groups involved in all aspects of Security worldwide.

We are integrators doing our own Risk Analysis Assessment and providing turnkey projects for Mega events, Refineries, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Banks, Power Plants, Command Control Centre, and Safe City. Our associates have secured the opening and closing ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics plus VIP Protection, Olympic Village Protection all to the Chinese authority great satisfaction.

We represent Tamar Group for their X-Test explosives, detection equipment and other aspects of bomb control expertise useful not only for X-Rays at Airports but dealing with mines/tunnels and buildings to be demolished.

We are ready to undertake other security technologies from Israel or elsewhere which are appropriate for India considering that we have a good connection with all the Government and State bodies around the country dealing with security issues/solutions. This enables us to be effective in our marketing strategy.